2013 BC Provincial Girls A Volleyball Championships

Tournament Package

Congratulations on qualifying for the 2013 Girls ‘A’ Volleyball Provincial Championships.  We are really excited to be hosting this event. Please read through this information and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call. 

Tom Veenstra
250-746-3654 ext. 307

1) Dates: Thursday, November 28 – November 30, 2013

2) Where: Duncan Christian School and Chemainus Secondary School

3) Tournament Program Photos: Please provide a high quality team photo. Please insure that all player numbers are visible. Team photo is due on Monday, Nov 18th --- earlier would be nice – use 300 dpi

4) Coaches Meeting Wednesday, Nov 27th, - 8:15 p.m. at Duncan Christian School. Agenda will be circulated in advance of the meeting.

5) Wednesday, November 27 Practice Schedule: Wednesday practice times will be available in one hour increments.  Teams will be assigned times on the basis of travel distance and request.


Court A

Court B

























6) Team Photo Session: The team photo session - Wednesday, November 27 from 4:00 p.m. through 7:00 p.m.  All teams are required to have their team picture taken during this time. Team Photos and Action shots will taken by www.islandlifephotographics.ca Island Life Photographics

7) Opening and Closing Ceremonies:   Thursday, November 28 at 9:00 a.m. Attendance required by all teams. Opening and closing Ceremonies are at Duncan Christian School

8) Tournament Schedule: The tournament schedule will be emailed as soon as all teams are confirmed.

9) Format: 4 pools of 4 teams. All teams qualify for play-offs.

10) Accommodation: Go to www.duncanchristianschool.ca and click on the provincial logo, select girls provincials, click on Info for Teams. A number of local hotels/motels/inns are listed with their price and contact information. Any questions, please ask Tom.

11) Banquet:   > Thursday November 28th - 7:00 pm @ Travelodge Duncan (140 Trans Canada Highway, Duncan, B.C., V9L 3P7
                        > All teams are required to attend
                        > Cost: $25 per person
                        > Banquet includes dinner, entertainment, draws for prizes, etc…
                        > Banquet Theme – Country/Westerneach team will be supplied with bandanas

12) T-shirts/Hoodies: These T-shirts are an attractive souvenir of the 2013 Provincial Championship.  T-shirt price is $15, the price of the Hoodies $27.50 and will be available for pick up on Wednesday during registration. T-shirts and hoodies are provided by Falcon Crest Imaging. - Download Form

13) Door Prizes: We will need your help.  All teams are asked to contribute 2 items.  T-shirts are okay.  The value should be no more than $15/prize.

14) Tournament Entry Fee: $300 per team

15) Registration Form: Please complete the form and email to: tveenstra@duncanchristian.com (Tom Veenstra) - Download Form

16) Uniforms: All teams will be asked to observe the Canadian Volleyball Association uniform code.  Team members shall be dressed in a jersey and shorts of the same color. (Not some black shorts and some red, etc…)

17) Performance Bond: Please provide a separate cheque for $300.  Teams will have their cheques returned provided that all tournament functions are attended - including closing ceremonies.

18) Inquiries: Please contact Tom Veenstra at Duncan Christian School tveenstra@duncanchristian.com

New rules for 2013

Tiering Protocol

  • As per 2013 BCSS AGM – tiering for 2013-14 is determined by a school’s 1701 grade 10 & 11 numbers as submitted on September 30, 2012.
  • Potential implications
    • On the basis of last year’s 1701 numbers, teams may be in a different tier this year than they would have been had we used the September 30, 2013 numbers.
    • Girls’ volleyball teams that believe they are not correctly tiered for our 2013 season may appeal. Our commission encourages schools to appeal to the BCSS office; attention Executive Director.

Playing ball off roof/obstruction

  • We have adopted this rule change from Volleyball BC. We believe that this minimally intrusive change provides an opportunity to extend rallies
  • Rule Clarification
    • A ball, other than a served ball, a completed attack or any ball directed over the net, shall remain in play if it contacts the ceiling or other overhead objects directly above the playing surface (9m x 9m court and free space).
    • A ball is out of play if it contacts the ceiling or overhead objects over non playing surfaces.
    • The ball may contact multiple surfaces as long as it remains above the playing area.
    • A re-serve is awarded if the ball comes to a rest on an overhead object above the team’s playing area and is still a playable ball.